Selmer Paris Super Action 80 Series II Tenor Sax


I was really lucky to come across this horn at my local music shop in Auckland back in 2005, and as soon as I tried it I knew that I had to buy it. This little beauty was there for me through countless hours of practicing, jam sessions and gigs throughout high school and university, and it’s still my number one horn for every musical setting.


On tenor I use a Gary Sugal 6* KWII copper mouthpiece with Vandoren Java Red Reeds.









RS Berkeley Virtuoso Black Nickel Tenor Sax


The RS Berkeley Virtuoso is a fantastic saxophone inspired by the Selmer Mark VI, and it was built with design input and feedback from top saxophonists such as Michael Brecker and Tim Ries. It is one of the nicest modern horns I have played so far and I’m proud to be endorsing it.














Yanagisawa 991 Alto Sax


I bought this sax from an old friend of mine back in 2007 in Auckland. I use a Vandoren Jumbo Java Ebonite mouthpiece with Vandoren Java Red Reeds.















Selmer Paris Super Action 80 Soprano Sax


New Zealand saxophonist Brian Smith (Maynard Ferguson, Nucleus) sold this great sax to me back in 2004 (he was my high school sax teacher at the time). I use a Meyer Hard Rubber Mouthpiece with Vandoren V16 Reeds.















RS Berkeley Volare Flute


I am also endorsing this flute from RS Berkeley - it plays really nicely and has a beautiful tone.



















Korg M3 Keyboard (73 keys)


When I’m performing with Andrea Lisa, I play a lot of keys as well as the sax and flute. The M3 has brilliant sounds along with great flexibility - it gives me everything that I need and its perfect for the music we perform. 

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